Locks info is a website that was and still is developed by us to give you the most updated, accurate and relevant I formation about a residential, commercial and general type of locks.


In addition, we also included our reviews and recommendations about these locks to make the process of choosing a new lock for your home or business easier.


Our goal:


When we created this website, we had and still have two things in mind:

  1. Your privacy and security
  2. Providing free, as updated, as updated and as relevant information for all consumers



Information – where do we get it from, how we review locks and more

About the products and services offered here



Where do we get the information from?


Our team is mostly people who worked as locksmiths in the field, with years of experience. In addition, we also get constant updates from locksmiths who are still active in residential and commercial locksmithing.


Therefore, we give you first-hand recommendation by the professionals who actually used, installed, picked, unlocked, repaired and maintained the locks you see here on the website.


Moreover, we always get updates and check new locks from different manufacturers such as Schlage, Kwikset, Dorma, Detex and more.


We do that to make sure we give you the most updated information about new locks on the market and hopefully making the process easier for you.



About the products and services offered here:


We understand that some people may want to buy certain locks or products offered here and therefore we decided to include the following:


  1. Amazon option to buy products
  2. Services by professional locksmiths in your area


Please be advised, that we do not see the products on Amazon. It is done by Amazon’s sellers, not us. The links are for your convenience only.


In addition, the services provided by the independent contractors are, as well, only for your convenience and they are not our employees in any way.


Finally, it is important for us to mention, that every time you buy something from Amazon and /or call for service, we do get a referral fee from Amazon and the independent contractors.