We have collected here the most common questions asked by customers who wanted to either install, change or upgrade their home or business security. The answers are below.


What is the best door knob brand for residential?

Kwikset Doorknob & Deadbolt - Very Common Locks

Kwikset Doorknob & Deadbolt – Very Common Locks


First, we must understand that the best is a very personal thing. There are many factors that come into play when deciding on the best door knob for your home such as price, security, how easy it to install and more.

Here we choose three of the most common residential door knobs and reviewed them for your convenience.

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What is a passage door knob?

Non Keyed Entry Lock

Non Keyed Entry Lock

passage/ dummy door knobs are usually used only as a handle. They cant be locked in any way and therefore are mostly used in closets or halls.


What is the difference between a passage/ dummy door knob and a privacy door knob?

passage/ dummy door knobs are usually used only as a handle. They can’t be locked in any way and therefore are mostly used in closets or halls.


Privacy door knobs are usually used for bathrooms or bedrooms as they can be locked. However, they have no key locking option but instead, they can be easily unlocked with common tools that are available at most homes such as a screwdriver or similar tools.



Are Schlage or Kwikset doorknob locks are bump proof?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. most Schlage and Kwikset door knobs can be bumped and/or picked with basic pick tools.


Schlage and Kwikset also offer high-security locks that are supposed to be bumped proof but these are more expansive and we recommend reading our section about high-security locks before making a decision about that.


What is a keyed entry door knob?

Keyed Entry Doorknob - Has a Key Function

Keyed Entry Doorknob – Has a Key Function

There is a different type of doorknob. The most common one is keyed entry door knob. It means that the doorknob can be locked from the inside and can only be opened from the outside with a key. This is the most common use of doorknobs for residential and office spaces.

There is an additional type of doorknobs such as Privacy or Passage doorknob that doesn’t have a key option.



What is the cost of a doorknob? How much does a basic door knob cost?


That depends on the brand, level of security, style, color, functions and more.

Most basic doorknobs, by the leading brands such as Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant and more usually cost between $10-$20 for a keyed entry door knob.

The higher security or more functions the doorknob has, the higher the price. Click here or more information.


How much does it cost to put in or install a doorknob?

Most basic residential doorknobs can be easily installed and don’t require some special training. However, if you would like a professional locksmith to install it for you, expect to pay a service call, usually between $19-$40 plus the price of labor, which shouldn’t be more than $25 for a basic lock.


How can I make my front door more secure?

There are two options:


  1. Install a more secure lock such as a high-security lock.
  2. Add an additional lock such as deadbolt.


  1. High-security lock: High-security locks are more secure because they harder to pick and or bumped. In addition, they also much harder to drill and therefore will require much more time and skill to be opened.
  2. Adding an additional lock such as a deadbolt can be a good and pretty cost-effective solution. We highly recommend that if your front door has only doorknob, to add an additional deadbolt. If you are still worried about security, you can add an additional deadbolt.



How do you lock a door from the inside?

Most locks, door knobs, and deadbolts as well have a twist lock from the inside to easily operate the lock. In addition, in case you want to operate a lock with a key from both inside and outside, you can use a double-sided deadbolt.


How do you unlock a door without a key?

That depends on the type of lock you have. In case you are using a privacy lock inside your home, you can easily unlock it with a screwdriver, as this lock is designed to be easily open.

In case you need to unlock a deadbolt or doorknob with a key function, you should either call a locksmith or drill the lock.

Moreover, there are a few more ways to unlocks door such as bump keys, pick tools and more. For obvious reasons, we will not teach how to do those.


How do you rekey a lock? Can I do it myself?

Yes. Rekeying door knob locks, as well as deadbolt locks, can easily be done by everyone. You will need a rekeying kit, your original key to the lock, and a new key that you would like to use.

The process of how to rekey is explained in rekey section.


How much does it cost to rekey a lock?


That depends on the type of lock you would like to rekey, time of day and the door is designed for.

Generally speaking, a locksmith charges a service call, usually somewhere between $19-$40 on business hours plus the labor for rekeying.


These are average prices for most common locks:

Residential Schlage or Kwikset door knob: $10-$20

Residential Schlage or Kwikset deadbolt: $10-$20

Commercial Schlage or Kwikset door knob: $20-$30


Commercial Schlage or Kwikset deadbolt: $20-$30

Commercial / office like lever handles: $30-$40

Push bar/ exit devices/ rim cylinder: $50-$60

Mortise locks: $40-$50


Weekend, after hours and holidays, expect to pay more for the service call, usually $50-$100.


What does it mean to rekey a lock?

Simply said, to rekey a lock means to keep the existing lock, but having a new, different key to unlock it. Mostly use by new homeowners who don’t really know who has access to their new home locks or when you gave someone a key and now you don’t want them to be able to get in, a rekey can be a cheap and simple solution.


How long does it take to rekey a lock?

Depends on the type of lock, usually around 10-30 minutes. Commercial lever handles or locks on exit devices can take longer.


What is smart key door lock? How does it help me?

Smart key locks are locks introduced by Kwikset brand and these locks allow the owner to be able to change the key or rekey the lock yourself without any rekey kit or prior knowledge. This comes handy especially for realtors or business owners who change the locks regularly. These locks are a bit more expansive than regular locks and can be a good solution for those of a need of a frequent rekey service.


what are high-security locks?


High-security locks, that include deadbolt, doorknob cylinders, lever handle cylinders, rim locks, mortise locks and more, are more secure locks.

The additional security is basically divided into 3 groups:

  1. Key control – each copy of a key to unlock the lock is accounted for. In addition, these keys cant be duplicated in hardware stores such as home depot or Lowes. Moreover, the duplication process most time can only be done with a specific key card, that only you, the owner, should have.
  2. Bump-proof, pick proof, drill proof – even though there is never 100%, these locks are very hard to drill and virtually impossible to pick or use a bump key to open them. Therefore, they provide an excellent level of security.
  3. Long run cost-effective – Since every key is accounted for, once you received your key back from someone you no longer want to have access to your home or business, there is no need to rekey the locks. Therefore, saving you money on future rekey cost.


What is a combo lock set? Why is it better than buying the locks separately?

Combo lock set is a combination of doorknob and deadbolt together, which are already keyed to the same key.

Therefore, you can just install the set and have one key to operate both locks without the need to rekey them.

This is a very common choice for residential and commercial use.

In addition, you can find a variety of combo sets by different manufactures sets in every hardware or locksmith shop.